Alma Lewis

Alma Lewis has years of journalism experience, which ranges from forex, commodities to world's leading cryptocurrencies and blockchain technolgy. She is also strong analyst and content curator. She helps news team with his advanced ideas regsrding publications and strategies. She holds Masters in Journalism and communication.
Russell Sloan

Russell Sloan is a regular contributor to CoinAtlast. He is a strong believer in the blockchain technolgy and cryptocurrencies. He has been involved in Crypto space since 2011. He is a passionate writer and technical analyst. He provides daily news updates on leading cryptocurrencies and also helps to curate news stories to our team.
John Davis

John Davis is a news writer at CoinAtlast who have strong experience in writing cryptocurrency and blockchain news stories. He also contributes analysis pieces for leading digital currencies. Before joining us, he was freelance news writer. In his free time, he loves to tests cryptocurrency products.
Sandra Franklin

Sandra Franklin is a passionate about writing related to cryptocurrency and digital economy. She holds Master Degree in English language and literature. Since her graduation, she started writing articles on financial markets as a freelance writer. Recently she joined us as a news sub-editor. She regularly contributes her insights on cryptocurrency industry.
Peter Medrano

Peter Medrano is a journalist having 5+ years of experience from reputed online news sites. He has been active in crypto space since 2010. Recentlym, he has joined CoinAtlast as a full time journalist. He was a crypto trader in starting of his career, but after two years, he started curating price analysis pieces for leading cryptocurrencies. In his free time, he enjoys exploring new music and gadgets.