Polygon Acquires Recurrent Subscriptions and Payments via Drips Protocol

The Drips protocol recently went live on Polygon for tokenized memberships and subscriptions. The integration adds the recurrent payments functionality to the network. Ever since its deployment on Ethereum on 4th Feb, Drips has already joined hands with multiple esteemed ventures.

That is why its collaboration with Polygon creates more growth opportunities for the blockchain. Ever since Polygon announced integration, the market showed an instant liking for Matic. Read this Matic price prediction to learn about what the future has in store for MATIC.

The Drips protocol will help Polygon users to stream their funds to other users periodically. It also facilitates periodical payment collection from multiple sources with a single transaction. These repetitive procedures are not developed for periodic payments, like monthly rewards for loyal users or infrastructure expenses.

That is why the Drips team is offering memberships by selling and issuing NFTs, potentially offering fans unique benefits in return for recurring financial support. Such memberships are available to any user and can enable different perks across any app on the Polygon network.

In addition to all this, Drips also redistributed a snap for the network. It will allow any address to spread the love whenever it receives payments by mentioning a portion of the funds to be automatically shared with other users. 

The other users can be a software partner, a charity, or any other collective creator that helps the community operate. Sharing funds through the Drips protocol could easily become a trend or a culture for major blockchain networks. Till now, it has joined hands with names like WalletConnect, Snapshot, Gnosis Guild, Giveth, Gitcoin, Ethersjs, and more. 

Thus, the appeal for Drips is apparent in the market. With the latest integration, the protocol might have started a new revolution. 

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