Trade 99: A Multi-Asset Platform Tailored to Provide Professional Trading Experience

Trade99’s vision revolves on the needs of the users. Users from all walks of life, all kinds of experience-skills, and exposure levels will find Trade99 as their ‘trading home.’ This platform is a multi-asset platform where professional trading services are offered. The active users are catered ready-to-go services. On the other hand, for the beginners, Trade99 has education and trading programs to help them gain insight into the leveraged crypto trading and the required confidence.

Education and Training section has something to offer to both the beginners and experts-

This feature is packed with years of experience and knowledge of the financial experts. It offers insightful articles for the beginners from where they can find the building blocks to climb up the leveraged crypto ladder and therefore, gain trading confidence and experience. For the experts, on the other hand, Trade99, through this program, offers great insights on the latest market trends, trading strategies on maximizing trading profits, articles on individual stocks, leveraged crypto trades, indices, and so on. Basically, Trade99 believes in empowering clients with the knowledge to make the smartest decisions.

Trade99 is packed with features-

One thing that this platform takes pride in is the world-class customer care services it offers. The attitude of ‘attention to detail’ sets this platform apart from its competitors. Trade99 has always strived to work for and work with the clients in every way possible. For instance-

Trading for all-

In order to confirm user comfort on every device, Trade99 offers- Android Trading App, Tablet trading, and iPhone Trading App. Further, the platform offers tailored services too based on each unique case.

The versatile trading-

When it comes to the various kinds of trading, Trade99 has not left any stone unturned. It offers- cryptocurrency trading, gold trading, silver trading, precious metal trading, fiat-currency trading, etc.

The versatile deposit routes-

Trade99 indeed prioritizes customers’ comfort that is why it offers different ways of depositing the funds and cryptos. These ways include- credit card deposit services, Bitcoin deposit services, and bank wire deposit services.

Commodities services are offered too!

Trade99 offers soft commodities services and energy commodities services to its user base.

No question is too simple!

Trade99 is a customer-centric platform. Any query, any doubt by the customer is a priority for the trading platform. The users are welcome to discuss any trading related topic at any time. Further to ensure customer satisfaction, the platform offers- Personal relationship managers, Dedicated Sales Traders, In-house Analysts, Integrated Digital Support, Local Language Assistance, and Industry’s leading customer services.


Large groups of stocks can be monitored and read by one index. And a large number of indexes makes one Indice. Trade99 offers Indices service. This way, the users get to compare stock performance and share fluctuation throughout the market. It also spreads the risk factor, making it a highly favorable position for the trader to trade and reap benefits.

Benefits for loyal users-

Being loyal to Trade99 comes with added perks such as one gets a personal advisor, external concierge services, priority services, account credit, and many more discounted features which will soon be introduced.

Trade99 is a professional multi-asset platform which offers attractive features with wholesome growth at heart. This core difference sets apart gold from glitter and produces genuinely happy clients.

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