WazirX: Why You Should Choose It

WazirX is an Indian cryptocurrency exchange platform that is not too old but has already come up a long way of success.  It allows Indian crypto users to buy/sell/exchange their favorite coins and earn lucrative gains from them. The platform was launched in 2018, but it had some initial legal setbacks, but WazirX emerged successfully as the most popular cryptocurrency exchange in India. Just one year after its launch, the platform was acquired by one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges of the world, Binance, and now WazirX represents Binance in India.

Advantages of Choosing WazirX as Your Trading Platform

Some of the advantages of trading on the WazirX platform are:

Easy User-Interface

The WazirX platform is meant for both new and seasoned traders. It has a very simple design where users can guide themselves. No prior knowledge is required to start trading on the platform as the website is self-explanatory.

Accessible on Multiple Platforms

WazirX can be accessed on multiple platforms, be it on the Web, Apple iOS mobiles, Android smartphones, or Windows and Mac applications.  Users just need to download the application from the Google Play Store or Apple Stores and get started. Users can also directly login to the WazirX trading platform via any web browser.

Excellent security

WazirX crypto trading exchange prioritizes users’ security and therefore carries out security audits at regular intervals. Moreover, it employs advanced security features like two-factor authentication, PIN locks, and SMS alerts. Every transaction is encrypted by normal encryption methods, which makes the platform more reliable and trustworthy.

Spot Exchange, STFs, and P2P marketplace

WazirX is the platform for the trader at all levels of experiences, be it a beginner or advanced traders. There are three markets available on the platform on which traders can buy, sell or exchange their favorite crypto-coins. There is the spot exchange market, P2P (peer-to-peer) market, and the STF (short token fund). In the spot exchange market, users can trade more than 70 cryptocurrencies. Then there is the P2P platform which is the proprietary auto-matching mechanism of WazirX that helps users to buy USDT directly from another person instead of buying from the exchange. With this mechanism, the buyer’s requirements are auto-matched with that of the sellers of that particular cryptocurrency; here, WazirX plays the role of escrow and facilitator.  Then there is STF which is ideal for new crypto traders. With STFs, new traders can find experienced traders who can help them grow their investment portfolio who charge 25% of the profits earned by the new traders.

Speedy Transactions 

WazirX can process millions of transactions within minutes. This lightning-fast speed of transactions is at par with global standards.

Robust Customer Support

WazirX has an excellent customer support team working behind the scene and provides ready solutions to traders facing any issues while operating the platform. The support team is available all 7 days of the week. 

Why Should You Choose WazirX?

WazirX is an innovative cryptocurrency trading platform that allows its users to trade peacefully and reliably. Security is the foremost thing that traders (both beginners and seasoned) look for in an exchange, and WazirX prioritizes security and trust.

Reasons Why WazirX Is the Best Crypto Exchange for You

There are some passionate and hardcore crypto enthusiasts responsible for the success of the WazirX exchange. The platform is tailored to meet the surging demands of millennial traders. The platform integrates some of the best trading tools and features that help users analyze historical data and prices by using powerful indicators and graphs directly from mobile applications. Thus, the accessibility of the crypto exchange across multiple platforms attracts more traders to use it. Moreover, the simplicity of the platform is something that the traders look for.

Wrap Up 

WazirX has opened up crypto trading opportunities not only for Indian crypto users but also for other traders across the world. It is an excellent platform to start with for new traders.

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