Beta version of satellite API launched by Blockstream

Blockstream, A Blockchain technology company, recently made an official announcement on January 16, stating that it is in the process to launch the beta version of its Blockstream Satellite API, that will assist the developers in broadcasting their data through the company’s satellite network.

Initially, in December, the company started expanding its satellite service by broadcasting Bitcoin’s (BTC) blockchain on a global scale. This service started by Blockstream increases the durability of the cryptocurrency’s network by making the network less dependent on the land-based Internet connection.

Further, the recent innovative product of Blockstream – “data agnostic” enables the users to make use of their satellites for encrypted messaging. The users will have to pay for the services availed through the Lightning testnet. This also indicates that currently, the broadcasting services will not be chargeable. The company has made different processes for the developers and users. Developers can submit their messages through the RESTful API (application programming interface), whereas the users will be able to submit their messages through the Blockstream website.

To ensure the messages are communicated quickly, Blockstream Satellite API have fixed a maximum limit up to which a message can be sent. This will ensure that the messages are transmitted within ten seconds. The announcement also stated that in case the developers need to send a bigger text, in such cases, they are required to utilize their in-house encryption, fragmentation, and reassembly of large messages.

The announcement stated that one of its primary aim is to maintain privacy and as such only the specific user or a limited group of users will be able to decrypt the received data that is sent from the Internet via the broadcast medium. Further, it also stated in the event of paying for services, the Lightning Network will facilitate an extra level of privacy by separating the payment source from its destination.

Blockstream had initially announced their plans to develop its satellite network in August 2017, declaring that it wishes to “connect everyone on the planet,” in the course of restricted global Internet penetration and even more restricted online freedom.

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