Bitcoin Subreddit Reaches 1 Million Subscribers

One of the oldest social media websites, Reddit allows web content rating, discussions and an opportunity to share online stuff. Its competitors like “” came and have gone due to their struggle to battle the network effect of the massive user base while the site predominantly caters to the English-speaking populace. As of November, its user base rivals that of the USA at 330 million. Past many years, the Bitcoin community of Reddit seems to be a central part of the space. It has become so heated at various points that moderators miffed users very often by deleting or moderating their content. As a result, many other communities or subreddits such as r/BTC were created. r/BTC was established by Roger Ver and other Bitcoin cash proponents, and it eventually became one of the primary gathering points of such created parties. This is completely due to the rules of Bitcoin’s subreddit, that typically didn’t allow new posts about forks or altcoins of Bitcoin. It eventually encompassed Bitcoin Classic fork which is a contentious fork that has failed in the past.

The founder subreddit, Theymos who also owns site has been frequently accused of the censorship and other wrongdoing.

The subreddit r/Bitcoin hit 1 million user milestone earlier this week in December. According to the metrics of Reddit, the activity of subreddit was the 71st fastest growing subreddit over a 30-day period. In the given range of subjects that Reddit covers— everything from a specific type of cat pictures to any obscure interest— this is not unimpressive. The total cryptocurrency subreddits combined would be much high, and the total of combined forums would be in many millions. But the combined total of Bitcoin-related subreddit or Bitcoin is much lesser than 1.5 million, with an expected amount of crossover user. Usually, reddit users simply subscribe and like various subreddits. The traffic which is generated by the subforum is probably much higher than the user count. Buttcoin, a detractor subreddit has less than 30 thousand users during the time of writing, which can be taken as an indicator of how things might progress.

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