Bitmain Technologies Spirals Down with Insolvency Allegation

Bitmain technologies, a company owned by private companies based in Beijing, China, specializes in the design of integrated Bitcoin mining circuit chips specific to applications. In February, the largest maker of crypto – mining equipment reported a loss of $ 0.5 billion in 2018 due to the crypto bear market that reduced demand for their mining plants.

Twitterati has alleged that the mining giant Bitmain is deeply in debt to collect money by winding up its stocks in cryptocurrencies. Many companies are also suing Bitmain. Shenzhen Yuxin Technologies Co. Ltd and Beijing Bit Continental Technology Co. Ltd are amongst companies that sued Bitmain. The S15 miner is another issue that the mining giant is tackling, as Mow claims that Bitmain sold each of these miners at a loss of 30%.

There are rumors that the company selects units for its potential investors and receives some money. On the other hand, the return on your 7nm chips is bad, and only nearly 60% is viable. Blockstream CSO Samson Mow notes that only 1000 S15 miners could have been produced by Bitmain. This shows the company facing a cash crunch at the moment.

Samson Mow says that “Bitmain picks good chips from the tape – out from what I hear to create demo miners to show potential investors. It’s all a fantastic magic show because its actual yields are so bad that mass production would never be economical. But that’s not their only problem. TSMC sources say they don’t have any real 7 nm capacity for crypto – ASICs this year. 7 nm capacity is sold to Apple, Qualcomm, Huawei, Nvidia, AMD and so on.”

As they moved from Global Foundries when they closed the 7 nm plants, AMD is an important addition to the TSMC list. Also, Qualcomm is a new TSMC switch. They worked with Apple earlier. Bitmain can’t work here, although their chip design is good. The capacity of TSMC is full, making the Chinese mining company 7 nm a lost cause.

The supplies of Bitmain are unpaid, and their proceedings will meanwhile keep the company busy. In November last year, one of these cases was filed for damages of $ 5 million. The company mined the cryptograph for its own benefits on devices owned by customers, according to documents filed at the North District Court of California.

The lawsuit’s lead complainant, Gor Gevorkyan, from Los Angeles County, dragged the company’s China and US-based entities saying that the long process of setting up ASIC that their devices need allows the company to benefit customers.

Recently Bitmain published a press release which denied all claims on solvency and P / L of the company.

In an article published by David Vorick regarding the state of Bitmain, he states that “We have no evidence whatsoever that Bitmain has been involved. Other companies have reached us and confirmed that they have had similar experiences, but they also have no concrete proof that Bitmain is in any way involved.”

With such staggering accusations against their name, the Bitmain future progress seems to be a difficult one.

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