Civil opts to go live

As per an announcement made on an official blog post, Civil, the blockchain based journalism network, has announced its launch. Civil was formed to create an impact in the global market through decentralization. It is being formed with a motive to back journalism and the information needs as per the requirements of the residents.

Civil platform is created for independent journalism to build trust and sustainability for journalism across the world. The platform is developed for the need of an emerging network of news organizations and supporters dedicated to a free press, civil discourse and public accountability.

The project has its in-house token named CVL, which will be limited to 100 million. Its primary purpose would be to provide financial sustainability and advance trust in journalism.

The organization’s merger with the First Fleet newsrooms emphasizes and justifies the network’s objective.

Today journalism is going through a tough time and due to this hundred of journalists are currently sitting jobless in the US. This phase is just the beginning for the journalists and the major reason for such a circumstance is the rapid growth of active social media such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. The network believes this to be the right time to introduce something different and innovative in the industry.

As per the post, the users will be able to buy the Civil membership, including CVL from March 6th. The CVL and the membership would signify members’ voting power within the Civil ecosystem. The post read “Thirty-four million Civil tokens will be priced by The Civil Media Company at $0.20 per CVL on March 6. Every token sold will trigger a slight price increase until the last token goes for $0.94 via a transparent, fixed and linear slope. There’s no time limit — it could take us years to sellout and that would be okay. Meanwhile, members could also choose to exchange CVL with each other at market prices. There will only ever be one hundred million Civil tokens in existence (thanks, blockchain!), and the Civil Registry ensures that the value of Civil tokens will forever be tied most directly to the health and scale of the community network.”

When a user joins Civil’s membership, the entire proceeds are donated to the Civil Foundation which is Led by former NPR CEO Vivian Schiller. The foundation is an independent, not-for-profit organization which is working towards backing up ethical journalism around the world. The post stated, “the Civil Foundation’s mission is to provide needed tools and services to newsrooms, as well as allocate grants to fund journalism innovation, advocacy for standards of journalism ethics, community-building among publishers and the public and educational programming for newsrooms.”

The post further added that” We’re looking for citizens who want to support a new model for journalism and who want to help run the platform where they get their news. That’s why members will also receive an equivalent number of Civil tokens relative to their financial contribution to the Civil Foundation. Everyone who has Civil tokens runs the Civil platform: they represent a member’s voting power within the Civil Registry and elsewhere on Civil. Since they’re backed by the blockchain, no company can take them away or make them disappear. You own Civil tokens the way you own a physical object.”

Civil will be introducing two tools as part of its launch. One being the Civil Registry and the other Civil Publisher. Civil Registry is an app that allows any newsroom to apply to be a Civil newsroom with the self-governing community. The second tool would allow Civil newsrooms to file the data supporting their publications on to the blockchain. Currently around hundreds of newsroom would join the Civil network in the current month that would cover five continents Sacramento, Kansas City, Baltimore, Prague, Manila, Tripoli, New York to El Salvador.

The user buying the Civil membership would be able to join the team of civil community thereby enabling them to search for various new and independent voices. This process would also allow the users to get in touch with the numerous journalists and various members across the global market.

The CVL token which comes as part of the membership is not similar to any other token sale and hence the criteria for hard caps, soft caps or time limits are not attached to it. The website conducts the entire process of the activity. Even though the person is not familiar with the blockchain, the organization has tried its level best to provide user-friendly programs thereby enhancing smooth functioning of the application.

A member would be able to use Civil tokens for voting purpose for challenging the unethical newsrooms on the Civil Registry. All newsrooms on Civil needs to sign and follow the regulations issued by the Civil Constitution which was initially formed by the consultation of journalists, academics and ethicists globally.

In case a member thinks that the vote cast against them is not consistent as per the Civil Constitution, such a member can further appeal to the Civil Council and the decision would be taken by them. The Civil Council can pass their judgments on the disputes and overturn the community votes, but their power is not final. If the event of a majority of the members disagreeing to the council can overrule the Council. The Civil Council is a group of journalists, academics and free speech experts from across the world.

As the movement is a community response for a global crisis hence every Civil member would also be receiving an exclusive members newsletter, community forum and events to be able to interact with hard-working journalists as well as other supporters of journalists across the world.

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