Crypto Market Is High Once Again With The Help Of Bitcoin And Ethereum

Last year was nothing but chaos. The market fell in the previous year, and since then it has been trying to get it’s high. It had failed so far, but it seems, not now! Since the last twelve hours, the market is in a different mood altogether. Two of the largest crypto coins in the world market, Bitcoin and Ethereum have shown their glory. These two crypto coins have to lead the crypto market to the highest point of 2019. The market was just below $190 billion.

The world’s largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin has reached the mark of $5,950 at the time of writing the news. This is the highest point reached by Bitcoin for the last six years. The coin has witnessed a growth of four percent in mere one day. However, experts are expecting a pullback.

Not just that, but may be due to the visible positive changes in the market, in the last 24 hours, the market has got injected with $9 billion. Not just that, but the resistance level of the market is broken too.

On the other hand, the side where bitcoin is setting new highs, Ethereum is getting boosted by the CTFC nod. This approval has created the possibility of regulated futures contracts for Ethereum. In last one day, ETH has jumped by 12 percent to reach the value of $180. However, after this surge, it came down slightly.

Not just this, but even a positive Asian trading graph has helped the market to maintain a green chart. So, if the growth and pace are concerned, Ethereum is way ahead of all, but other altcoins like Litecoin, EOS are adding to the market too. Their contribution is as big as 5%.

Not just the top ten, but even top twenty charts is also positive. In the top twenty scenarios, Tezos is the leading crypto which has witnessed a jump of 9 percent reaching $1.25. Crypto like Monero and Cosmos are up by around 6 percent; while Tron, and IOTA along with Ethereum Classic back by 4 to 5 %.  ABBC, on the other hand, has made a contribution of 18% on one day. ABBC is on 57th position by market capitalization. Its market cap value is $111 million plus it has around 1 billion coins in circulation.

If we take a look at the total market cap value, then it has jumped to $189 billion. As we have already seen above, more than $9 billion are back into the market. Daily trade volume is now $55 billion.


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