It is ‘Too soon’ For Crypto Acceptance: India Shelves Plans for a Crypto Rupee

Plans to issue state-supported cryptocurrency in India have slowed down, months after the nation’s national bank gave signs that it was pondering over this thought.

As indicated by the leading newspaper in India, the Indian government is no more interested in the state-supported crypto/digital rupee. The report by the published clearly showed that the possibility of a crypto-rupee was dropped because it was premature:

The Indian government doesn’t need the digital currency anymore. It believes that the present time is too immature to try and consider a cryptographic form of money.

The decision of postponing the adoption of a crypto rupee was praised by some influential and big names in India’s cryptocurrency market. These names included Kunal Nadwani, the CEO of uTrade Solutions, and blockchain expert himself. He praised the decision of the government stating that the financial influence of crypto is sizeable and unknown by most of the people in the country.

Praveen Kumar, the founder of a crypto exchange named Belfrics, also seconded the views of Mr. Nadwani.

Belfrics’ present at present, is limited to the regions of Asia and Africa. Praveen Kumar said that the Indian government needs to wait and watch how other small nations like Singapore and UAE are adopting cryptocurrency and advance with it.

As per RBI (Reserve Bank of India), it is premature to introduce crypto-rupee, as the country needs to know and understand more about this form of digital currency.

He further added that it is the right choice to postpone the procedure and perceive how the P2P economy on public traded platforms is turning out to be.

It has been five months since the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) reportedly was investigating the probabilities of introducing a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). In a yearly report that was published previous year in August, the RBI has explained that the primary objective behind the CBDC would encourage domestic payments.

Furthermore, India’s national bank showed that a CBDC would be valuable in stemming the increasing expenses of carrying and managing form of money along with controlling money laundering activities.

An inter-department tea of RBI undertook the process of investigating the probability and potential of a CBDC was given to

A year ago, one whitepaper was published by the investigating arm of the RBI, which had established that blockchain innovation had sufficiently developed to back Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).

Apparently, as per the news shared by the reputed Indian newspaper The Hindu, the government was going to name CBDC by the name of Hindu goddess Lakshmi. It is synonymous to wealth. However, the factor to think of here is the spread of crypto in the world and developing countries, as influential as India, are making efforts to at least consider the involvement of crypto money in the economy.

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