Kucoin Exchange Decides to Add Support for Buying Crypto With 4 Fiat Currencies

In a major announcement, KuCoin Exchange has declared that the company’s clients will now be able to purchase crypto with Israeli Shekel (ILS), Hungarian forint (HUF), Polish zloty (PLN) and Swedish Krona (SEK) at the Simplex platform.

Customers who are keen to access and utilize the service need to visit the KuCoin’s website page “Buy Crypto with Credit Card” and choose the Simplex platform, click next, and then they must set the payment currency to the above-mentioned fiat currencies. Customers can use the fiat currency to make a purchase of crypto directly.

It is worth mentioning that ILS, PLN, HUF, and SEK are fiat currencies, and they do not symbolize any other digital currencies.

Some of the fiat currencies that are supported by Banxa, OTC, and Simplex may include American Dollar, Pound sterling, Russian Ruble, Chinese Yuan, Australian Dollar, Turkish Lira, Vietnamese Dong, among others.

KuCoin Exchange started for cryptocurrency trading way back in 2017. It offers exchange services for users to carry out digital asset transactions in a safe and secure environment.

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