Making Better Cryptocurrency Exchange with Turnkey Solution at Ibinex White Label Platform

The turnkey solution provided by the crypto exchange distributer – Ibinex is one of the best ways to start a crypto exchange in lesser time. Ibinex’s turnkey solution provides fully automated live account through their responsive and managed application forms. The most significant advantage of choosing Ibinex is that it allows your crypto exchange to run in less than a month’s time.

The innovative protocol of the company frees the institutions from the hassle of developing their own crypto exchange. Building an exchange from scratch requires time as long as nine months and also requires very high investment. Ibinex handles all the IT functions, leaving its clients to deal with the sales, marketing and managing their traders.

The white label solution of the Ibinex allows its clients to set up their cryptocurrency exchange platform. It will enable its client to launch their products under their own brand without spending more money on infrastructure and technicalities. The technical experts of the company design the platform in such a way that it can be personalized according to their client’s specification.

The company claims to have a transparent approach which not only increases the liquidity but also offers its clients the tools very much needed to make the informed decisions. The company provides its clients the option of comparing data from multiple marketplaces and gives them the user-friendly experience while keeping the best security of the platform intact.

The Connect API of the company connects all the major exchanges and all the Ibinex clients so that their clients can offer their end users the attractive live “top of the book” prices.
Ibinex offers all the crypto solutions to its clients – from marketing tools to retail coin wallets. Ibinex provides the platform that is simple to use, beautiful and accessible. Additionally, the company also offers its services such as social trading, risk management, and education providers to give their clients a superior experience.

The company guards its platforms 24/7 and the funds are collected in secure cold wallets to keep it out of any unauthorized activity. The company has the most advanced automated software which makes the onboarding fast. The onboarding center of the company is available 24/7 so that it can help onboard its customers efficiently and without delay.

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