NULS Partners with Peet DeFi to On-Chain Real-World Assets

The decentralized financial platform Peet DeFi and NULS, providing blockchain infrastructure to promote customized services, have partnered to provide asset collateralization in the real-world and farming with high returns to users.

Peet will enable real-world assets like USD, home equity, stocks, etc., on-chain and aid as collateral besides being accessible to DeFi apps. Peet will inculcate its offerings with more advantages than Nerve Network’s DeFi infrastructure will provide. The Nerve Network promises fast and inexpensive transactions to PTE. Its cross-chain heterogeneous capabilities will help Peet’s interaction with different blockchains, including Bitcoin. It will further facilitate PTE-NULS-BTC interaction and other crypto assets. Peet DeFi looks forward to such collaboration and joining NULS POCM, and having access to Nerve Network. It opens new opportunities for Peet Defi while accelerating the projects’ competency.

The Peet platform integrates the off-chain traditional assets with blockchain using decentralized protocols. The Chainlink will allow representing the value of USD, home equity, stocks, and other shares of ownership. It will work as collateral to earn a high return rate.

Peet Defi is a daps platform – Chain Bridge, PeetPay, PoolStake, etc. to allow earning on a blockchain from another blockchain with PTE, the native token. PTE can smoothly move from one chain to another across Chain Bridge. When PTE joins staking pools, it can farm Neo, ETH, Waves, USDT, BNB, and other crypto assets.

NULS provides a blockchain infrastructure with open community source for customized services. It combines parallel multi-chain with a module warehouse, microservices, smart contracts, cross-chain technologies. One of its products, ChainFactory, enables businesses to build blockchains with a web-based GUI. It helps to reduce the development cost while commercially promoting blockchains. The plug-and-play format allows users to add in some of the core functional modules, including consensus, network, account, storage, and smart contracts. After the user submits a form, the system creates a new blockchain, besides a custom token. It enables users to define business logic with a smart contract using little programming work.

The digital asset service network is decentralized, create on the framework of NULS micro-services using NULS ChainBox to facilitate blockchain cross-chain interaction protocol. The partnership will allow asset exchange on a cross-chain network while providing necessary support for the Defi application ecosystem.

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