Samsung launches a new phone, Galaxy S10, with crypto storage

According to a press release made in during the last week, Samsung has announced the latest smartphone ‘Galaxy S10’, that is enhanced with a new feature which includes storage for private cryptocurrency keys.

Samsung had launched its new phone in Seoul, San Francisco and London, which includes the Samsung Knox function. The press release reads: “A testament to a decade of innovations, Galaxy S10 is designed for those who want a premium smartphone with powerful performance and sets the stage for the next generation of mobile experiences. For consumers looking for a supercharged device, Galaxy S10+ takes every spec – from the display to camera, to performance – to the next level. Galaxy S10e is built for those who want all the premium essentials in a compact package on a flat screen. Finally, Galaxy S10 5G is created for those who want more of everything and are ready for the fastest available speeds and most powerful features. Featuring the all-new Dynamic AMOLED display, next-generation camera, and intelligent performance, Galaxy S10 line offers consumers more choice and sets a new standard for the smartphone.”

Further, Post release of the S10, rumors surrounded about the configuration of a phone and its support with respect to cryptocurrency wallets and DApps. In the previous month, few images have appeared that described a “Samsung Blockchain Keystore” on the Galaxy S10. As per the reports, images which were leaked featured an Ethereum (ETH) wallet option in the “supported cryptocurrencies” list. However, during a press release, there was no glimpse of such a wallet or update.

However, Samsung is not the only leading smartphone producer who has added crypto-related features into its latest smartphone. During the last May, HTC, Consumer electronics corporation, had disclosed the launch of “the first native blockchain phone,” the ‘HTC Exodus’ which included the support for various blockchains such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum networks and featured Brave as its default browser.

Also during last December, Sirin Labs had introduced ‘Finney,’ the ‘world’s first’ blockchain smartphone.

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