Tor Project Accept Donations

The U. S. Non – profit Tor Program (Tor) has recently announced that nine additional cryptocurrencies are being accepted on the market, aside from the primary cryptocurrency, bitcoin, and that it is promoting human rights and freedom by developing and duplicating anonymity and privacy technologies in the open and free source sector.

The newly accepted cryptocurrencies include today’s most popular virtual currencies. These are Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Augur (REP), Dash (DASH), Litecoin (LTC), Monero (XMR), Stellar Lumen (XLM) & Zcash (ZEC), and Ether (ETH).

Many companies have started introducing support for the donation of cryptocurrency over the last few years. While this is a good way to introduce Bitcoin into the mainstream and to select Altcoins, it also seems that most of these efforts will be rather in short supply. Many Crypto holders are less interested in spending their holdings because the current bear market still exists. It remains to be determined how this will affect the recent decision of the Tor project.

The organization that manages the Tor project can now directly receive cryptocurrency donations. The amount of cryptocurrencies that can be converted to fiat on the partner website of Kraken Exchange is currently restricted to Tor.

Tor’s management team provided wallet addresses for each of the above-mentioned cryptos. Although the Project Managers from Tor have listed only such cryptocurrencies, they asked users to send an email to should anyone want to donate in an unavailable cryptocurrency.

Tor aims at encrypting traffic and making digital anonymity easier for users to use a variety of browsers or apps. Its main advantage is considered to protect user privacy, which many also advocate in the cryptographic area.

Sarah Stevenson, director of Tor who is responsible for fundraising, said the company had previously agreed to the help of its community on crypto – monetary matters. These donations have only been collected in Bitcoin and handled by BitPay, a former processor of cryptocurrency. However, Sarah said the community members wanted to pay with other cryptocurrencies, so the new development was achieved.

In addition, BTC micropayments “due to the current state of the bitcoin industry,” the management notes of Tor are currently not supported. Users can make smaller Bitcoin Cash transfers in the amount of $ 5 or less after the money is transferred to the wallet addresses supplied on the official website of Tor project, Kraken, an American cryptography exchange, converts and processes the digital currency further.

Tor is just one of today’s booming web browsers on the market. Since the allegation of “illegal collection of information” has been continued to criticize other famous websites, users are now looking for other “safe and private websites” that do not interfere with their personal information.

Whatever one’s way of looking at things, in the world of cryptocurrency, Tor has become apparently important. In terms of privacy and anonymity, many privacy-focused projects tend to rely on Tor, although it is still to be seen whether it will make significant grants.

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