Uquid Allows Users to Use Ripple’s XRP to Recharge Phone, Pay Online Bills and Much More

Uquid allowing XRP to be used for a wide range of services is the only reason why one should adopt it, apart from other uses.

Uquid is a startup firm that grants permission to the customers to make payment for goods and services through cryptocurrencies, recently it had revealed that the customers can use Ripple’s XRP to pay for different services. So now, the XRP holders need not to exchange their ideal token to other crypto coins or to fiat currencies if they want to buy goods or to top up their mobile.

This is the important adoption that Ripple’s XRP has achieved from Uquid’s payment platform. The Uquid users can use XRP to pay an electricity bill, pay online bills, PIN-less call, mobile top-up, and food coupons and for other services too on Uquid platform.

List of countries that can pay for data bundles using XRP are El Salvador, Honduras, India, Nigeria, South Africa, Guatemala, Bangladesh, Philippines, Nicaragua, Indonesia and Qatar. Mobile users of over 150 countries can make use of XRP to recharge their mobile phones immediately. The latest service will even help 600 mobile operators such as AT&T and Vodafone.

As of now, the Indonesian users will be only allowed to pay for their electricity and insurance bills, the users in Guatemala and El Salvador can use XRP to purchase grocery coupons. Users are also applicable to purchase pharmacy coupons in Philippine’s and Guatemala. Only US users can use XRP for PIN-less calls.

The development news of Uquid is slightly neglected by the media mainstream. There is no other firm that offers users to pay their utilities with Ripple’s XRP, and certainly, it’s a big deal for adoption by consumers.

Simultaneously, Ripple is seriously struggling to expand the xRapid adoption, xRapid is the most recent product developed for banking organizations. It is opposite to xCurrent, where it uses XRP to carry cross-border payments.

Users in Nicaraguan are the only one who can use this service of Uquid to make transportation payment in XRP, although countries like Guatemala, Philippine, India and the Dominican Republic can use XRP to pay for TV subscription services.

The platform of Uquid is basically for depositing, withdrawing and transferring of digital currencies. Uquid is taking its quality of services to a higher level by adopting the leading cryptocurrency XRP to pay for various services across the world in hundreds of nations.

This is an important step of Ripple to bring the cryptocurrency to the mainstream industry. The firm is growing its services to offer continuous remittance services in the world so to make the process of fund transfer as simple as sending a mail.

XRP is the native token of Ripple and adopted by various merchants mainly to settle payments across the world, and it is most likely to keep growing.

This important step is certainly going to encourage adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain on a large scale. The services are currently available to some countries for its first launch; other countries will be added later depending upon the possibility.

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