Algorithmic Trading: How TradeSanta’s Bots are Beating Human Traders

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology continues to remain one of the most talked-about business topics of the 21st century. We have witnessed a tremendous rise in the popularity of cryptocurrency trading platforms with more and more people willing to try their hand in the cryptocurrency trading. It is indeed a very lucrative thing, and a person having good reasoning and analytical skills can definitely earn handsome returns by trading digital coins. In fact, now in the cryptocurrency trading, the technology has taken over the human mind with trends indicating the increasing use of algorithmic trading among traders. The algorithmic trading is not a new thing as the New York Stock Exchange first started this practice around 40 years ago. Since then, the process has undergone a lot of revisions and improved considerably. You will be surprised to know that out of the total traded volume only 10% is being traded manually today (report by JP Morgan) while the rest 90% is the part of the automated trading. We list here some of the key reasons that make algorithmic trading better than the manual one.

1) Pure Logic, Zero Emotions: Unlike human beings, bots don’t rely on the emotions for making logical decisions. We might have some affinity or repulsion for some assets, but that is not the case with the bots. Bots will always go by logic, and this makes them more successful than human traders.

2) Time-Saving: The convenience of time-saving is another crucial benefit of using bots. Not only these save time but also save traders from a lot of manual calculation that could turn out to be a very draining exercise.

3) Speed and Agility: No matter how much intelligence you possess, it might be difficult for you to match the speed and agility of bots. The time saved in the process can be utilized to make more number of decisions and trade higher volumes resulting in better returns of the investment.

Among the numerous names in the bots trading, TradeSanta is the one which has made a special place for itself. The company was formed in 2018 and irrespective of your knowledge about the cryptocurrency trading; you can trade all day long on the TradeSanta platform. The cloud-based service provider has over 18,736 registered traders on its platform, and till date, it has been able to complete up to 712,146 deals – an amazing number by any standards of comparison. It doesn’t matter whether you are veteran or novice, you can learn about the trading as well as services provided by the platform from the detailed FAQ section of TradeSanta. The platform has excellent customer support service which is ready to help you at any point in time.

TradeSanta also has their community on Telegram where you can ask questions, discuss your doubts, or seek suggestions about the nitty-gritty involved in the cryptocurrency trading. The community is expanding very fast and has crossed 1,800 subscribers lately. In addition, the platform provides you following unique services which are good enough to provide you a reason to start trading with TradeSanta.

1) Easy customization: The user-friendly interface of the TradeSanta make sure that you do not waste much time in customization. It will take only 10 minutes for you to get your bot customized and get on with the trading process.

2) Mobile Trading: TradeSanta app is available for both Android and iOS platform, which means you can conveniently control your bot and trading process from your mobile phone.

3) Wide Support: For now, you can trade on four different cryptocurrency exchanges – Binance, Bitfinex, Bittrex, and HitBTC, although the platform is going to expand to support other exchanges also in the future. The list of potential exchanges which are expected to be part of the list includes Bitmex, OKEx, and Huobi.

4) Advanced tools: TradeSanta features some of the most advanced cryptocurrency trading tools such as smart trade, martingale, etc., helping you to trade a large sum without breaking the sweat. The platform allows choosing between the options of TWAP – time-weighted average price and VWAP – volume-weighted average price, which will help your bot to trade independently without any external input.

5) Earn by referring: In addition to trading, you can also earn on TradeSanta with the help of its referral program. There is no restriction on the participation and if you are a trader registered with TradeSanta, you become eligible to have 20% of the plan purchased by the prospect with whom you have shared the service link of TradeSanta.

6) Choice of packages: According to the requirements and experience of the traders, TradeSanta offers three different packages of membership – minimum (free), basic ($15/month), and membership ($100/month). In fact, you can enjoy 14-day free trial of the basic package to decide for yourself which package suits your need the most.

So what you are waiting for, log on to the, choose the suitable package, and start your bot trading right away.

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