Ex- Reddit Moderator in Talks with Matt Aaron in an Interview

When people say that technology changes the world, they are right.  But, it is also not wrong if we say people change technology. Why we are talking about this today is because of the recent interview conducted by Matt Aaron as a part of Bitcoin.com podcast series Humans of Bitcoin.

Aaron interviewed a known bitcoin believer Jason King who started to work as a moderator for Reddit forum by the end of 2012.  Jason told Matt about how the Reddit forum r/bitcoin used to be light and fun in the beginning and how the present environment has changed due to manipulation. He also blames censorship for this.

Jason also mentioned his memories of earlier days where the most famous subreddit used to be one of the coolest places to chill. He mentioned that earlier people used to be sensitive and even differences of opinions used to be dealt with calmly. People used to wish for each other’s growth and wellness. But now the internet community and overall social behavior are changed radically.

He said he is still proud to be part of Reddit and he was very happy to work as a moderator. But gradually, things started changing on Reddit too. Users’ sentiment started changing; people have become very cynical. Hardly anybody speaks about a better present and future. Most of them are to express issues and their pessimistic perspective. They might have their own reason, but the environment has changed for sure.

King said that, when the overall debate on block size began, anything which was related to larger block started getting disappeared from the scene.

While discussing with Matt, Jason emphasized that thousands of posts got removed and blocked and censorship was not a small topic anymore. He also said that it was a weird time. Many veterans who helped is strengthening of the platform had to leave it. These people included those who made r/bitcoin what it is today. Gradually the fun part of over and Reddit platform started becoming toxic machine where negative part of the community would fill the space. The platform is still toxic.

The interview was going on well, and then the discussion took the direction of r/bitcoin owner Theymos and his monopoly in the bitcoin media. King added to the discussion by saying how the owner of r/bitcoin said that King’s account was compromised and eventually leading to King getting removed from the platform.


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