Interview with SIRIN Labs executive

Recently CCN conducted an interview with Nimrod May, the Chief Marketing Officer for SIRIN Labs.

SIRIN Labs had introduced its blockchain smartphone, the FINNEY, a couple of weeks ago. Due to the prevailing depression in the market, SIRIN’s plans has been questioned whether the company will continue manufacturing the cryptocurrency friendly phones or will they shift on developing only the SIRIN operating system (SIRIN OS).

Further, as per a recent news report, SIRIN is struggling to meet their desired objectives due to the fall in the price of Ether (ETH) which lead to insufficient capital and hence the company is struggling to meet its initial goals of becoming both a phone and OS and the operations are accordingly getting affected. SIRIN clarified on the above speculation and said that it is committed to making its blockchain smartphones and also exploring the market for its SIRIN Operating system to be used on other phones.

According to the SIRIN’s CEO Moshe Hogeg’s statement, they will receive around 160,000 units of FINNEY phone from one of their mobile phone distributors. But to become profitable, they will need to sell only 80,000 phones.

Further, CCN asked various questions from May, to get a better understanding about the company’s plans and their objectives. What would be their strategy to deal with such recession market? What steps would the company take for their smooth internal functioning? What are the merits on which they will count? How will SIRIN activities get financed? And so on..

May responded that “Even with the current market situation, we’re proud to share with the world some of the interest we had received since our launch two weeks ago. We’re proud to say we have surpassed our FINNEY devices sales goal for the entire year in less than ten days, and right now are focusing on mass producing the first ten thousand units to meet the demands of our community, distributors, and partners.

We at SIRIN LABS have strong faith in crypto and blockchain and are proud to provide the consumer-facing solution that will act as a gate to crypto. FINNEY is the optimum platform and ecosystem to use and manage crypto on the go, through the first ultra-secure Android platform. SIRIN OS’ proprietary technology is the best operating system that is compatible with other devices as well, in efforts to bridge the gap across consumer electronics companies and to benefit the millions of crypto holders all over the world.

We built SIRIN OS to fit all phone manufacturers, and indeed we’re not alone in this field: Huawei, HTC, and other OEMs alike are moving along; some of them have been in talks with us regarding SIRIN OS. Overall it seems like this is just the beginning of our path.

We’re a group of enthusiastic and highly skilled engineers who understand the market, are an active part of it and know what needs to be done to serve the needs of the market in real time. As a result, we’re now speeding up the process of accepting Fiat in our Token Conversion Service to create a more comprehensive solution for our users and to show the world that the need for a blockchain phone goes beyond what the crypto market is experiencing right now.”

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