Ledger Partners with Neufund to Build Framework for Security Tokens

A press release published on 6 December states that global cryptocurrency leader Ledger is joining hands with Neufund, a German crypto fundraising platform. The objective of this association is to develop a more robust framework for security tokens. Ledger and Neufund will collaborate to create the safest and most reliable user-experience.

Ledger’s desktop app, Ledger Live which is a user-friendly application for the supervision of the crypto assets, will have a new integration ERC20. This enhanced application will authorize the users to manage security tokens assigned using Neufund’ s procedures. Ledger CEO, Eric Larchevêque stated that they are thrilled about this partnership and it marks a significant and fresh chapter of integrating security tokens to the Ledger platforms. Neufund CEO, Zoe Adamovicz believes that it is a new step in disrupting the approach of interacting with the crypto assets.

He said that when the transactions’ range is in 7-9 digit (€) then security becomes the most crucial aspect. This partnership will provide more robust protection in the administration of equity tokens. Earlier, Neufund also teamed up with BitBay a cryptocurrency exchange, to permit agents purchase and trade equity tokens by fiat money.

During that time, Neufund intended to become the leading platform for issuing security tokens, focusing on equity tokens. In November, Ledger also revealed its expansion to New York to develop institutional custody presenting Ledger Vault. It is a kind of custody solution which allows numerous members of a corporate body to access the same wallet.

German firm IOTA Foundation also announced the incorporation of its IOTA tokens in Ledgers Ledger’s cryptocurrency hardware wallets. In addition to joining forces to create a more secure framework for managing real-world crypto assets, both the firms will arrange an open and legal technical hackathon in Paris. The main aim of this hackathon will be the creation of better solutions for managing tokenized crypto-assets.

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