Stellar Lumens: When the Joy Of Giving Outshines The Joy Of Trading

Stellar Development Foundation: The Spirit of Existence

Just how many trading platforms or networks are you aware of that go the extra mile to think for the global concern or, for that matter, benefitting the financial services to the common man? Very few.

Stellar as an Organization is not just a blockchain-powered distributed ledger network representing Lumens as the cryptocurrency but is also highly active in Corporate Social Responsibility with utmost dedication. Indeed, there exist a few blockchain players who are engaged in community initiatives, but their accountability is in no way comparable to Stellar’s mission of empowering the masses. As an Organization, Stellar has an entire arm, Stellar Development Foundation (SDF), devoted to the noble cause of serving the community, choosing an investment in specific ventures with conscientious wisdom.

Launched in the year 2014, the SDF Mission is to stay clear out of any vested interests that connect with mere boasting of long revenue statements given to the media. SDF makes all rationale decisions keeping in perspective the trading pros and cons vis-à-vis the entire ecosystem that facilitates the benefits of financial services to the people.

Stellar Lumens: Lets Trade-in Philanthropy

Pandemic has inflicted rampant economic devastation without discrimination. Widespread unemployment, illnesses, deaths, poverty worldwide are the apparent outcomes. As a hallmark of its philanthropic resourcefulness, Stellar Development Foundation has announced a contribution of 2.5 million Lumens to various charitable institutions and trusts. Vide this gargantuan humanitarian endeavor SDF aims to restore a part of the affected lives.

100,000 XLM being given to each of six charities, SDF shall use the balance amount of donation to contribute to individual communities, as per XLM News. The formidable financial health is the mainstay of SDF that has encouraged the Foundation to come forward with such bold insights. 

As stated by SDF Chief Executive Officer Denelle Dixon to media recently,

Denelle Dixon stated

The beneficiaries of this magnanimous charity will be the non-profit organizations that are listed on the Lumens Exchange, i.e., Lumenthropy. Lumenthropy, as the name itself suggests, is a dedicated arm of Stellar for charity initiatives associated with Lumens.

Stellar Development Foundation: Towards Unbiased Financial Ecosystem

Actively supporting the growth of the Stellar network, SDF has been aggressive in ensuring that the market’s financial potential is harnessed to the optimum, empowering the masses. The Foundation facilitates upholding Stellar’s codebase and acts as a voice force to regulators and institutions. To make this dream come true, the Foundations sources the best talent pool of scientists, designers, and tech-experts who contribute to building a cohesive and all-inclusive ecosystem.

Stellar Development Foundation: Partners in Charity

With a perspective to expand to the next level, SDF has also inked a pact with Settle Network, an Argentina-based esteemed digital assets giant in Latin America, to enable cross-border transactions. Settle Network covers significant banks and financial institutions and a large number of retail locations. Thus, compatibility between digital assets and local currencies makes a key difference in their operations. Here again, a whopping deal of about $3 million paid in lumens shall strengthen Settle’s current infrastructure of stablecoins.

As conveyed by the CEO and ED of SDF,

the CEO and ED of SDF

Speaking of the coalition, the Chief Executive Officer of Settle Network highlighted,

the CEO of Settle Network highlighted

SDF has covered a milestone of $9.265 million by making investments in renowned ventures like DSTOQ, SatoshiPay, Abra, and Settle Network (as stated hereinabove) in the year 2020. Such landmark alliances are a biproduct of the Enterprise Fund initiative of SDF. The Fund has reinforced organizations like Settle Network in aligning their core values with Stellar. Popular names like UNICEF, Heifer International, Watsi, Women who Code are also some of the highlights chosen by SDF for contribution.

Another major feature of SDF is the selection criteria while choosing the Organization for Lumens Contribution. SDF scrutinizes these companies’ merit of operation in particular areas where they have been significant role players viz. healthcare, fighting poverty, enabling education, etc., to name a few. As conveyed earlier in this article, the fundamental objective of Lumenthropy is to act as fundraisers for noble causes. Find out how such developments can affect the Stellar Lumens prediction given by experts. 

Stellar Foundation: The Glory of Airdrop

In celebration of community-contribution, SDF recently declared 100 million Lumens would be donated to Keybase users as part of celebrating ten years of giving back to the community. One can join the airdrop by 1) Adding three active devices or paper keys and 2) Ensuring you have an old enough Keybase, GitHub account.

The process goes lightning fast thereafter. You are the beneficiary of airdropped 2 billion Lumens over the next 20 months. 

Stellar Development Foundation: A Mission Worthwhile

The honorable foundation was founded on the ground principles of making Blockchain technology spread the benefit of inclusivity and cost-effectiveness to all society sections. SDF believes that irrespective of the location, caste, creed, or sex of the investor or beneficiary, holding the asset and a smooth transaction thereof is as worthy as a birthright of all.

More importantly, the Foundation drives Philanthropy’s mission through its employee-driven culture wherein all employees are motivated to their voluntary effort and learn to give back to society.


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