Know How Blockchain PR Agency Helps People in Overcoming the Lack of Confidence in Blockchain Projects

Marketing life was great before the arrival of blockchain PR. People lack confidence in blockchain-based projects; therefore, the blockchain PR agency helps people to overcome fear. It includes many tasks like running marketing campaigns without pressure, high competition, focusing on many social media platforms and communities, and releasing several PR daily.

You must know how traditional PR transformed into online marketing and how the blockchain industry needs its rare technique. Before that, it is essential to know more about traditional and digital PRs to compare the things with a clear picture.

Traditional PR

Traditional PR was an old technique and was used before the time of the internet — for example, radio, television, posters, ads, banners, etc. Currently, traditional marketing is done for all the products with a definite success rate.

From the past few years, traditional PR seems to be declining day-by-day. For some companies, it is an excellent method to spread awareness about their product to the local audience. This technique helps in branding large businesses.

Digital PR

Nowadays, the internet is ruling globally. The internet provides many ways to PR agencies to help their customers in promoting their businesses on a large scale. Now, the companies can show the ads and information about their products to their clients through the internet medium.

There are many popular social sites like Facebook, Google, etc. that are great platforms for marketers to promote their clients with unlimited campaigns and ads. If you invest in digital PR, then you can also get something in return, which is not possible in the case of traditional PR.

If we compare digital with traditional PR, then the traditional one is expensive as compared to the digital one. Due to its high cost, many businesses are not investing in it. Nowadays, Digital PR is comparatively more trendy and popular.

Blockchain PR

Blockchain PR is another topic for marketing businesses. In today’s world, many cryptocurrencies are introduced. Many companies and organizations have involved cryptocurrencies for transactions. With the massive trend of digital currencies, many new projects are combined with the blockchain ecosystem.

Many social media platforms do not allow any ads related to cryptocurrency and blockchain on their platforms. Blockchain PR is introduced because of high competition, social media ban on ads, and time pressures, etc. It is a combination of traditional and digital PR.

Many companies try to promote their business on different social media platforms, but due to time pressure, they could make influence the audience by their campaigns. After considering this situation, many blockchain companies with marketing expertise look for the investors in the crypto community to drive them into ICO/STO/IEO.

How is Blockchain PR Better?  

There are many reasons that blockchain PR is a better approach to promote your business and reach a large amount of audience.

  1. It helps in building the brand into a great community. It also helps in developing a network of clients, customers, services, etc.
  2. Many active communities are crypto enthusiasts like Reddit, Steemit, and BitcoinTalk that have many investors taking care of their company.
  3. Blockchain PR pushes the content of the company to the communities where the content is not considered as spam and can reach to the community members.
  4. After fundraising, the company stops putting efforts into their brand. The company spends a lot of money on PR without running it on the internet for a more extended period. The SEO in blockchain PR helps in getting the traffic to your content or website within weeks or months.

BlockchainMarketingNinja is also one of the blockchain PR companies. It helps in optimizing the ICO requirements in a cost-effective way. You can achieve your targets and reach your audience in minimum funds. The company offers services like ICO press release and listing, bounty campaigns, social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, influencer marketing, website development, community management, SEO, reputation management, and many more.


In a few years, the companies were developing the poor quality of content and were not able to attract the audience towards their brand and services. Many ICO fooled their investors and did not return them a single penny. It is the reason that investors lack confidence in blockchain projects.

But, after going through effective blockchain campaigns, one thing is concluded that it is vital to have an honesty factor between the community as well as investors. The progress report should be shared to regain confidence in blockchain projects. Blockchain is an excellent technique for branding the business and reaching the audience.

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